Dispensary CCTV Cameras

Posted on November 11, 2019

It is very important for a Cannabis Business to Install high-quality CCTV cameras to record daily footage at the dispensary. CCTV cameras come in a vast selection ranging from grainy analog cameras to Ultra high definition 4K cameras. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 1.3 megapixels is the lowest an operator should go when installing CCTV Cameras in a Cannabis Dispensary or Cultivation. Equally important to the quality of the camera system is the competence of the individual installing the system. A costly high-quality CCTV Camera system poorly installed in a Cannabis Cultivation can easily malfunction when exposed to the humid climate that plants grow in. It is important to use companies that are licensed to install CCTV Systems in your state.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera systems in Your Cannabis Dispensary

CCTV Camera systems are the first tool that is used to gather information on any security-related issues in Your Cannabis Dispensary. It is important to have sufficient storage capacity to capture at least 60 days of footage in order to go back and watch footage that may have taken place within that time frame. CCTV Camera systems are typically connected to uninterrupted power supplies that are designed to keep the system recording for a set amount of time. In order to utilize the full capability from a CCTV Camera system an operator must ensure the installing company enables the web connection in order to view the cameras from your phone or mobile device in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Intecann inc. provides high-quality CCTV cameras & installs CCTV Cameras in your Cannabis Dispensary or Cultivation facilities.

Dispensary Burglar Alarms

Posted on November 10, 2019

It is very important for Cannabis dispensary operators to take security very seriously when it comes to their Marijuana facilities. There are many security measures a Cannabis dispensary owner can implement including CCTV Cameras, Access Control, and Burglar Alarm systems. The Most important security device to start within a cannabis dispensary is the Burglar Alarm. There are many types of Burglar alarms that come in different styles and possess a variety of functions. No matter which brand of a burglar alarm is used to protect a marijuana dispensary it should be connected to a licensed and bonded Alarm Company.

Dispensary Burglar Alarms with Intecann inc.

Intecann, Inc. ACO# 7682 is an example of a Licensed and Bonded Alarm Company. It is very important to make sure your alarm is connected to an alarm company because alarm companies use 24-hour central stations to alert you or your security company should your alarmed be triggered by burglars or should your Cannabis business be vandalized after hours when nobody is on-site at your facility.

marijuana dispensary

Burglar Alarms for your Cannabis Dispensary

Burglar alarms have several functions that if installed professionally by a licensed Alarm company will protect your Cannabis Dispensary from unlawful intruders by notifying local police, your security guard company or both simultaneously. Some of the features you should include in your marijuana dispensary alarm system are panic buttons to notify the police and or security staff of an immediate emergency such as a Robbery or Fire. Motion sensors are the sensors used to notify police if there is an intruder in your facility during closed hours. Door contacts are used to monitor doors that should not be accessed during closed hours. Other sensors that are key in protecting your cannabis facility are a glass break sensor that triggers the alarm when the glass is shattered as well as smoke sensors that trigger the alarm when excessive smoke is detected in the cannabis facility.

Intecann inc provides Dispensary Burglar Alarms for Marijuana facilities.

Dispensary Door Access Control

Posted on November 8, 2019

Access control is one of the most important security features for cannabis businesses. The purpose of access control is to control access to limited access areas such as a Cannabis Dispensaries inventory storage room.

Different types and styles Access control Systems

Access control comes in different types and styles such as analog and digital, touch screen and biometric. The main objective is to grant access to a certain group of people be it management, general staff or delivery personnel. The most popular and effective way to control access to various rooms of a Cannabis Business is to install an RFID door control system. RFID Door control systems utilize The RFID technology that allows individuals that have been issued access cards to access rooms or areas that are electronically locked to the general public. RFID access control systems are extremely important because it records the date time and duration of each employees individual accesses a limited-access room.

door access control

Remote Access Control remotely opens doors in your Cannabis Dispensaries

Another great benefit Cannabis Dispensaries can get from access control is the ability to remotely open doors for people who you need to give access to at your facility.

Intecann inc. is the first licensed company to provide a FULLY LICENSED Remote Access Control Systems to cannabis businesses.